Lucrative and inexpensive Easy-peel-induction-seal-liner peelable Al foil seal ward from China manufacturer

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Products List

Lucrative and inexpensive Easy-peel-induction-seal-liner peelable Al foil seal ward from China manufacturer


The Lift 'n' Peel range of induction seals incorporate an easy open polyester tab that has been designed to be ergonomically easy to grip, flexible and extremely strong.
No additional processing or equipment is required to incorporate the Lift 'n' Peel liner, allowing closure manufacturers to improve yield while using standard punching equipment to insert it. Lift 'n' Peel is easy to use and remove. Engineered to maintain product integrity and prevent leaks, this breakthrough sealing solution adds value to brands and distinguishes them from the competition.
Lift 'n' Peel liners can be randomly printed with a customer specific logo or design.  Lift 'n' Peel offers brand differentiation and consumer value add to the pack that is second to none.

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  • Lucrative and inexpensive Easy-peel-induction-seal-liner peelable Al foil seal ward from China manufacturer
  • Lucrative and inexpensive Easy-peel-induction-seal-liner peelable Al foil seal ward from China manufacturer
  • Lucrative and inexpensive Easy-peel-induction-seal-liner peelable Al foil seal ward from China manufacturer
  • Lucrative and inexpensive Easy-peel-induction-seal-liner peelable Al foil seal ward from China manufacturer
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Easy-peel-induction-seal-liner structure
The closure is supplied to the bottle with an aluminum foil layer liner already inserted. Although there are various liners to choose, a typical induction liner is multi-layered. The top layer is a paper pulp that is generally spot-glued to the cap. The next layer is wax that is used to bond a layer of aluminum foil to the pulp. The bottom layer is a polymer film laminated to the foil. After the cap or closure is applied, the container passes under an induction coil, which emits an oscillating electromagnetic field. As the container passes under the induction coil (sealing head) the conductive aluminum foil liner begins to heat due to eddy currents. The heat melts the wax, which is absorbed into the pulp backing and releases the foil from the cap. The polymer film also heats and flows onto the lip of the container. When cooled, the polymer creates a bond with the container resulting in a hermetically sealed product. Neither the container nor its contents are negatively affected; The heat generated does not harm the contents.
It is possible to overheat the foil causing damage to the seal layer and to any protective barriers. This could result in faulty seals, even weeks after the initial sealing process, so proper sizing of the induction sealing is vital to determine the exact system necessary to run a particular product.
Sealing can be done with either a hand held unit or on an automatic sealing and packaging system.
A more recent development (which suits a small number of applications better) allows for induction sealing to be used to apply a foil seal to a container without the need for a closure. In this case, foil is supplied pre-cut or in a reel. Where supplied in a reel, it is die cut and transferred onto the container neck. When the foil is in place, it is pressed down by the seal head, the induction cycle is activated and the seal is bonded to the container. This process is known as direct application or sometimes cap induction sealing.


Easy-peel-induction-seal-liner Piece
Single Piece Induction Liner
A product group ‘Single Piece liners’ refers to Induction Seal Liners having no backing materials. These are also available with Pull-tab used for easy removing the Seal from the bottle or Jar.
In Single Piece Induction Liners, The Base liners is laminated to various possible sealing material combinations but are not wax bonded.
• Aluminum Foil / PE
• Aluminum Foil / HS-PET
• Aluminum Foil / Universal Coat.(Peel able)
• Aluminum Foil/ Universal Coat (Weld)
One Piece Induction Seal Liner materials are also available in Reels & Sheet Form.
Two Piece Induction Liner
The Single Piece Base Liners are wax bonded to the Sealing Film viz: Aluminum Foil / Sealant. The wax helps in temporary bonding of the Base Liners to the Foil. Once it passes through the induction Machine, wax melts & the Base Liners retains inside the cap & the bottle rim gets sealed by the Foil & Sealing Film.
Various Possible Combinations of Base Lining Materials & Sealing Materials described above can be made available to serve the customers requirement for maintaining product freshness.
Two Piece Induction Seal Liner materials are also available in Reels & Sheet Form.


Easy-peel-induction-seal-liner features
The challenge for the manufacturer of customer packaged products as well as for product packaging converters is to make certain that easy-open cover not only peels off conveniently but additionally seals successfully. Leakers damage the cost of operating product packaging liners. And when leakers manage to get out the door, the consequences are bad for representatives, retailers and also consumer commitment. sealant materials, can do every little thing you desire a peelable seal to do. Unlike some choices, lid seals make use of job regularly, from one package deal to the following, day in as well as day out.
- Shield product quality as well as fight unpleasant leakers with reliable hermetic seals. - Please customers with regular, tear-free peeling.
- Secure the atmosphere; converters make lid seals making use of solvent-free extrusion procedures with considerably reduced VOC discharges than solvent-based lacquer coating.
- Run much more efficiently on product packaging lines with less hang-ups and also rejects compared to options.
Why So Constantly
A number of keys for are vital for consistent hermetic seals.
- It streams into as well as caulks little imperfections on the container rim during warmth closing.
- A ready-to consumption developed product, stays clear of prospective variations of in-house blends. - It closes dependably over an extensive temperature variety.
Just-Right Peeling likewise delivers the level as well as sort of peel stamina required.
- A vast array of qualities with various degrees of peel stamina on numerous container materials is available.
- Lid with peels off effortlessly and also constantly, preventing problems of torn lids that let down customers.
- Our array additionally lets you select the peeling off method:
interfacial splitting up for the majority of items or cohesive splitting up to supply tamper-evident seals for clinical supplies as well as devices.


Easy-peel-induction-seal-liner bottles made it possible for the packager to make trustworthy hermetic lid seals that easily peeled unscathed from thermoformed and injection formed PP cups. The packager records no end-user problems considering that the switch to and also a sharp decrease of leakers as well as revamp. The converter is profiting in 2 means:
1) expense savings, thanks to much longer production runs with extrusion-coated versus sourcing blown movie for lamination from numerous suppliers;
2) promo to favored vendor condition at a significant producer of consumer packaged goods.
The formula used for this application was originally developed for closing to PP. It has actually likewise verified making superb peelable seals for ANIMAL and HIPS.
Profile: Au revoir to Leaking Frozen Juice Cups
Changing to sealer material for icy juice containers made of high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) sharply reduced leaker issues from the area.
Frozen juice containers experience freeze-thaw cycles as they move along the circulation chain. This produces a partial vacuum inside the container that can pop a lid seal that does not have adequate sealer as well as ruptured strength. A single leaking container wrecks an entire instance of item.


Easy-peel-induction-seal-liner for plastic bottles
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