Low price, budget eco-friendly food grade high quality bottle cap seal or bottle seal manufacturer from china
Bottle cap seal induction seal liner
Low price, budget eco-friendly food grade high quality bottle cap seal or bottle seal manufacturer from china, generally have numerous layers, such as pulp board, wax, aluminum foil, and a polymer finish. When gone through an induction heater, the heated aluminum foil melts the wax as well as polymer developing a hermetic seal with the container when hardened.
 Al foil complex bottle cap seal  advantages: 
1.Tamper evidence- function--Once the liner has actually been gotten rid of, it could not be reapplied to the container. 
2. Hermetic seal-- Al foil complex  bottle cap seal induction liner develops an airtight seal to stop leak. Pressure sensitive liner Made up of polystyrene foam as well as specifically formulated pressure activated adhesive, Pressure seal liner successfully secures container by the pressure of closure screwing down. Pressure sensitive seals are made to ensure that when you screw the closure on to the container securely, the glue on the liner sticks to the container. When you open up the container, the liner is firmly secured over the container leaving a "Sealed for your Security", security seal on the container. This seal can be utilized with glass or plastic and also with lined or unlined covers. This is among one of the most low-cost as well as reliable kinds of tamper evident defense. Overall thickness of seal: 0.4 mm to 0.5 mm. 
Tips of bottle cap seal
1.Completely wash the top of the glass container. 
2.Apply seal securely suit the lid on container. Heat seal Al foil lid Lid seal requires heat seal equipment as well as is included single or multiple layers involving film, light weight aluminum foil, and also paper, bottom has seal layer. Put the lid seal on a numerous kinds of container as well as press a heating structure on the lid seal unnaturally. Piece and roll type of lid sear are available. Thickness:0.80m to 0.20mm standard thickness. Specifications Available: Welded Sealing or Peelable Sealing on your cup , accomplish leak proof and tamper evidence. Basic make-up: Top Layer, Heat Seal Layer Application: Lastic container, Glass, Ceramic ware and so on Food, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetic, Chemical products.
Bottle cap seal category
Single piece bottle cap seal
Single piece bottle cap sea aluminum foil complex bottle cap seal induction seal liners: Induction seal liner is used to seal the lip of a plastic or glass bottle with heat based adhesive. Its major feature is to shield materials in a bottle from humid, oxygen and foreign elements as well as to avoid spilling, extending the reservation period. Liner includes multiple layers, such as Leading Layer, Light weight aluminum foil, as well as seal layer, and after punching the Liner with appropriate dimension, it has to be inserted to make use of. The shape of it is rounded or has a connected position tap, and also there are two sorts of seal, Peelable and Bonded Type. Peelable seal kind is commonly utilized for the practical position. Application: Screw cap, One touch cap, Flip cap, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetic, Oil as well as Chemical products. Basic composition: Top Layer, Aluminum foil and also seal layer. Composition note: 1 piece induction seal can be comprised with various products or plastic substratums as this must be sealable at PE, PET, PVC, GLASS, PP, PS and so on. 
Double Piece bottle cap seal
Double Piece Al foil complex parafilm induction seal linings: Dual Piece induction seal liner covers a vast array of containers, offering a hermetic seal against leakages, contamination as well as oxidation. Two-piece liners develop an integrated seal to containers, which should be reduced or punctured for removal, leaving an aluminum seal on the container land area. Double piece induction seal liner is utilized to seal the position of a plastic or glass bottle with heat seal covering. Basically, Liner consists of light weight aluminum foil seal layer, and also those two layers are connected with wax. After capping a container which Induction liner is inserted, we secure it using Induction sealant. Then, attached layer with wax is absorbed in paper board of the backing, leaving Sealing layer consisting of Aluminum to be sealed as well as dividing support layer in a cap. Low price, budget eco-friendly food grade  high quality bottle cap seal or bottle seal  manufacturer from china, detail application: Medicines, Pharmaceuticals, Windscreen, Washer Solution, Anti freeze, Electric motor Oils, Gas Ingredients, Family cleaner, Insecticides, Herbicides at Screw cap, One touch cap, and so on。 Make-up: Dual piece induction seal can be comprised with different materials or plastic substrates and adding various backing products as this need to be sealable at PE, PET, PVC, GLASS, PP, PS and so on.
Bottle cap seal manufacturer from china
Zhejiang Mingtian Induction Material Co., Ltd is a professional  manufacturer of budget eco-friendly food grade  high quality bottle cap seal or bottle seal  from china with 12 years of development, manufacture and OEM bottle cap seal experience. Our products are widely used in food, oils, medicines, chemicals, cosmetics, pesticides and drinks etc. They are applied to sealing different kinds of containers, such as PE, PP, PET, PVC and glass containers. We will choose seal liner according to materials of bottles. We have well-equipped facilities, strong technical force and an experienced and professional team. We strictly force control the quality of our products. We regard “high quality products and outstanding customers services” as our management ideal and do our best to provide our clients with satisfactory products. 
Bottle cap seal manufacturer missions
We can show this with the certifications of CE, ISO 9001 and FDA which means our seal liners are food grade. What’s more, we have definite missions as following: 
1.Being accountable to our clients, suppliers and fellow employees for our actions;
2.Giving world class service and achieving excellence each day; 
3.Providing our clients with proactive, innovative, cost effective solutions to meet their goals; 
4.Being efficient and effective in consistently meeting our clients expectations; 
5.Conducting business with honestly and integrity; 
6.Respecting our clients, our suppliers and each other to encourage an environment of team work and growth; 
7.Continually improving by questioning current practices and listening to others; 
8.A sense of responsibility to actively participate in the betterment of our community. We are looking forward to cooperating with customers for mutual benefits. If you have interest in our products, please feel free to contact us!